Babies arrived

Our new 2 litters have been born

Litter L

Born 17/07/2017


Felis Admiranda V´Bascija X Galliano by Imagine Glamour



Litter M was born 23/07/17

Parents are Diamond in the Sky BillAndCoo X Hugo Laguna Leo

Kiki a Ares

Litter K is in this world

On 17/04 our Snehu gave birth to our Easter surprises :-)

We have our first white kittens and as well first red girls :-) more info soon;14:1239059;6:1324111;5:1243627;4:1317032&g=4&p=mco&o=ajgrep

Litter J was born

On 07/04/17 our litter J was born, parents are

Dario Mainelynx X Bystra Liwia

We have 2 girls - n22, more info soon;2:1279856&g=4&p=mco&o=ajgrep

Expecting 2 litters

If all will go how it should, we will have new kittens in April 2017

This time we are expecting 2 litters

Bystra Liwia X Mainelynx Dario

Adrastia Excellence X Galliano by Imagine Glamour

We are really looking forward to them and more info as soon as they will be born

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