Maine Coon Cattery

About OUR crazy family

Breeding is simply our passion

We are a family cattery of Maine Coons which was established in 2014 – and it was quite spontaneous. 🙂
I was born in family who loved animals and I grew up with them. Our first cat was Milunka – I got her from my husband to my birthday. Afterwards I bought her a cat friend – Sissy came to our house.
Well, then I started to go to the cat shows. And of course I totally felt in love with this hobby of my life and I decided to become a breeder of Maine Coons. We went to Warsaw to our first breeding queen. Another 2 breeding girls came to our house from Italy. Then our first litter was born and we kept Mamba,then our beloved boys came and so on 🙂 And what´s gonna be next stage? Well I dont even dare to guess 🙂 but for sure I know 1 thing – I will never life without any cat – my life would be incomplete.
Why I have chosen Maine Coon as “the right breed for me”? I totally felt in love with their character and I have to say that Im a lucky person that I had a chance to live in their company.
Our cats are living in a family house with us near Prague, they sleep in our bed, they cook with us, well they simply became a very important part of our life.
I would like to pass a big thank to my husband who is sharing my passion for cats with me and I would like to thank to my mum who brought me to the beautiful life with animals from my childhood.

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