Maine Coon Cattery

Our babies

We want to thank you for your interest in our babies however we would like to share with you some conditions before you will write to us for a baby:

1) We do not reserve any babies until they are at least 9 weeks old.

2) If you wish any baby from our cattery, we need to know a lot about you and your family as we do not entrust babies easily, so we kindly ask you to leave few words about you.

3) We dont send babies in cargo – never.

4) Our kittens are our babies, so please respect our way of breeding and if you would like to become our family, you should have the same way of thinking as we do have.

5) We dont sell that much for breeding, if we do, we need to be sure you are at the same style of breeding.

6) All our babies sold as pets are neutered – no exceptions.

7) By buying a baby from us, it all starts – you are a part of our family, so we will want to hear from you and our baby on regular basis.

We dont have any babies at this moment, however soon we expect babies to be born. 

We are very happy to inform you that on magical date 02.01.2021 was born our litter V.

We have 4 wonderful baby boys.


Midnight Patchouli Olimpian X Yasan BillAndCoo

More info soon