Litter G


Our litter G has been born on 27.12.2016

We have 3 babies - 1 boy and 2 girls


Siberia AfonyaCoon X Echo of Magic Afterglow



Colour Gender Status
Gandalf Black
n25 Male Reserved
Galadriel n0925 Female Reserved as pet
Glamour Arwen
Female Stays with us



DSC 0140


DSC 0573



DSC 0041

DSC 0203

Glamour Arwen

Glamour Arwen

DSC 0055

DSC 0348

Litter F

Our newest litter F was born on 21/11/16

Father: Afterglow Echo of Magic

Mother: BillAndCoo Anquilla´s Sand

Bambu a Prsta;2:1279855&g=4&p=mco&date=iso&o=ajgrep

We have 8 babies - 4 girls and 4 boys :-)

Name EMS Gender Status
Femme Fatale n0922 Female In new home - pet
Fantaghirro n22 Female Reserved breed/show
Fan-Thomas n0922 Male In new home - pet
Fleck-A-Ben n0922 Male Stays with us as pet
Fan-Fan n Male In new home - pet
Forrest Gump n22 Male In new home - pet
Fleur-de-Lis n0922 Female In new home - pet
Fata Morgana n22 Female In new home - pet


Femme Fatale

DSC 0616



DSC 0546



DSC 0890


Fata Morgana

DSC 0770



DSC 0911



DSC 0743



DSC 0944


Forrest Gump

DSC 0995



Our litter D has been born on 08.05.2016.

4 females and 2 males


Benedict by ImagineGlamour X Anquilla´s Sand BillAndCoo;4:1249556;3:1259823&g=4&p=mco&date=iso&o=ajgrep

Name Male/female Colour Status
Dr. House Male a09 - blue solid white In new home-pet
Django Da Boss Male n22 - black tabby In new home-pet
Diamond in the Sky Female a22 - blue tabby Stays with us
Dancing Queen Female n0922 - black tabby white In new home
Double Bubble Female n - black solid In new home-pet
Double Trouble Female n - black solid In new home-pet


Django Da Boss

 DjangoDjango web


Dr House

House Web

Diamond in the Sky


Kiki web

Dancing Queen


Queen web

Double Bubble


Bubble web

Double Trouble


Trouble web

Litter B - Best of Best

On 01/10/15 our litter B - Best of Best - has been born.

We had 5 babies in total - 3 girls and 2 boys, all of them are in new homes already as beloved pets and were neutered.

I wish you the most wonderful life you can have, darlings and to new owners - have a great life together.

Proud parents were:;4:1169696;3:1107347&g=4&p=mco&date=iso&o=ajgrep

Leaena Prada  X FidelityFeline Duo



BillAndCoo Billie Jean - Jeny found a wonderful home in Prague, thank you Xenia and to your daughters for giving Jeny such a great home.

IMG 0344IMG 0350

24 days old

DSC 0065

1 month old

DSC 0492

12 weeks old

DSC 0906

BillAndCoo Bella - she is living with my best friends - only few steps from our house. What more can I wish? Bella has a new friend - dog Kylie:-)

IMG 0331

24 days

DSC 0008

1 month

DSC 0547

12 weeks

DSC 0890

BillAndCoo Be Meryl Streep - Meryl is living a happy life as a pet too. She has a maine coon friend - Kokos and 3 kids and of course she has a new super mum and dad - to you belong a big thank you - Meryl was born for you, Im sureI

IMG 0361

24 days

DSC 0104DSC 0119

1 month

DSC 0205

12 weeks

DSC 0839


BillAndCoo Braveheart - Artie, is living as a pet in Prague, he found new dog friends - 2 :-), parrott and some other animal friends :-) thank you for such a great care of him.

IMG 0296


24 days

DSC 0924

1 month

DSC 0902

12 weeks

DSC 0806

BillAndCoo By M. Jackson -  Sony - our active boy...he found his home with a family near Benesov. And he has 3 new cat friends - all boys :-) and 1 llittle human princess. Sony needed a home where he will have lots of activity and I really have to thank you for his new home.

IMG 0315

24 days

DSC 0960

1 month

DSC 0628

12 weeks


DSC 0947

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