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DSC 0123

Datum narození: 10.07.2015
Váha ve věku 4 měsíců - 3 kila
EMS: n 25


Říkáme mu Dáreček :-). Přijel k nám z Moskvy. Dárečka jsem si zamilovala okamžitě, jakmile jsem ho viděla na fotce jako miminko. Má báječnou povahu - stále se mazlí a vrní. Je to můj splněný sen - tuto barvu jsem vždy chtěla a když k tomu přičtu jeho rysy - je pro mě opravdu dokonalý. Je to krásný silný kocour v nádherném typu - alespoň pro mě. Velmi se těším na jeho vývoj!

Miluje: mazlení a hračky

Nemá rád: to ještě zjištujeme, zatím je prostě pan dokonalý :-)






PKdef N/N


Chlamydie negative

Coronavirus negative

Mycoplasma negative

Calicivirus negative

Screening - 13.09.2016

HCM - negative

PKD - negative


Mezinárodní výstava Lysá nad Labem (21-22/11/15)

21.11.2015 (04-07 měsíce) - EX1, BIV

22.11.2015 (04-07 měsíce) - EX1, BIV

Mezinárodní výstava Viničné (30-31/01/16)

Sobota: EX1

Neděle: EX1

Mezinárodní výstava Vídeň (27-28/02/16)

Sobota: EX1, BIV and NOM to BIS

Neděle: EX1, nom to BIS and BIS

Mezinárodní výstava Wroclaw (05-06/03/16)

Sobota: EX1, BIV

Neděle: EX1

Mezinárodní výstava Praha (13/03/16)



 DSC 0826

Mainelyclassic Billy Mitchel, MCO d 25, 2013-08-26, US/RU

Mainelyclassic Night Owl, MCO n, 2010-08-02, US/US RW SGC Mainelyclassic Night Stalker, MCO n, 2005-10-18, US/US IW-SGC Broadsway Redding, OS, MCO d, 2004-02-09
RW CH Mainelyclassic Enigma, MCO n, 2003-10-06, US/US
Sarajen Victoria of Mainelyclassic, MCO fs 21, 2009-07-26, US/US RW-SGC Sarajen Shiner Bock, MCO ns 22, 2005-07-04, US/US [p]
Sarajen Georgia Moon, MCO f 22, 2003-12-26, US/US
CH Mainelyclassic Ciao Ciao, MCO d 25, 2011-10-04, US/US IW-SGC Williamina Cougar, MCO es 25, 2009-12-05, JP/- CH Dotcom Maserati of Pure Coon, MCO es 09 22, 2004-07-20, UK/-
Broadsway Violet, MCO g, US/-
Williamina Shady of Mainelyclassic, MCO f 22, 2010-10-10, JP/US CH Coonyham Rowdy Yates of Williamina, MCO n 22, 2008-08-31, US/JP
Williamina Miranda, MCO f 22, 2009-03-29, JP/-
Gangstercat U´Navarra, MCO 2 22 IC HomeLynx Clutching Luck, MCO n 22

Alwaro Maverick of Homelynx, MCO n 09 22 IC Wytopitlock H'Bono Madox, MCO n 09 22, 2002-06-17, DK/PL
B'Glory Cat Cabaret, MCO f 22, 2003-10-24, PL/PL
Langstteich's No Angel of Homelynx, MCO f Langstteich's P'Non Plus Ultra, MCO as, 2005-05-15, DE/DE
Langstteich's DD Ambiente, MCO f, 2005-05-15
CH Mainelynx Sandra, MCO n 23 CH Hawkwind's Dreamer, MCO ns 22 09

Winerau's Vulkanus, MCO n 22, AT/-
Hawkwind's Penelope, MCO f 09 22
Catsvill County's Fiesta, MCO n 23

CH Timaracoon Las Vegas, MCO n 23, NL/-
Belocoon C'Silvana, MCO n 22


 Prstik19420716 10214168046743648 4856542961583401018 n


Date of birth: 08.08.2015
EMS: n0922

With a big pleasure I introduce you our new treasure Prstíček which means a little finger - we call him like that as he has one finger brown and rest are white. We went to Krakow to my friend for him.  I loved Prstik since he was born and I trust it was a destiny. Prstik is a real purring machine.  With our Darecek they were big friends from the first moment - they do all together! They are my big loves both of them and I want to thank to my friend - Kasia Polak to entrusted him to me as I know how much you loved him. Thank you my dear!


Weight in age of 7 months - 6,5 kgs 

He loves: Toys and to be touched

He hates: Hard to say now as he seems to be happy with everything :-)


Felv, FIV - negative 

HCM, PKD, PKdef,SMA - negative (as per parents)

Screening 13/09/2016

HCM - negative

PKD - negative


International FIFE SHOW in Ostrava (09-10/01/2016)

Saturday: EX 1, NOM BIS

Sunday: EX 1, NOM BIS, BIS

International show in Viničné (30-31/01/16)


International show Vienna (27-28/02/16)

Saturday: EX 2

Sunday: EX 1 and BIV

International show in Wroclaw (05-06/03/16)

Saturday: EX 1

Sunday: EX 2

International show in Prague (13/03/16)


International show in Nový Světlov - Bojkovice (26-27.03.2016)


EX 1, BIV total, NOM BIS



International show in Brno (23-24/04/16)






 DSC 0644

Summerplace Giorgio, MCO d 09, DE/PL

Big Ears Tigers Kalisto, MCO ns 09, 2010-11-01 Summerplace O'Brian, MCO ns, 2009-07-09 Mainefield's Gallegher, MCO ds 23, AT/AT
Summerplace Amelie, MCO ns, 2007-08-05
Justcoons Vaya Con Dios, MCO ns 09, 2008-05-18 Cosy Corner Inaki, MCO ns 09 22, 2006-10-17
Langstteich's DD'Elaine of Justcoons, MCO f 22, 2005-04-15, DE/DE
Summerplace Ode to Elize, MCO f, 2012-02-20 Summerplace El Cappo, MCO d, 2010-10-06 Summerplace Village Tiger, MCO ns 22, 2009-11-23
Summerplace O'Lilly, MCO fs, 2009-06-09
CH Summerplace Infinity, MCO n, 2011-05-11, DE/DE Fahad de Red Land, MCO  a, 2010-05-31, FR/-
Summerplace Rosa-Lee, MCO f 22, 2009-08-16
Rascoon Intrigue, MCO f 03 22, 2014-04-18, RU/PL

Rascoon Ambassador, MCO d 22, RU/RU Relaxing Tigers Lucky Star, MCO n Pillowtalk's Zero, MCO e, 2009-08-30, DE/DE
Relaxing Tigers Flashlight, MCO f
Long Tips Altziona, MCO f 22 Favorite Angel Oxford, MCO d 09 22
Gamma Long Meadow, MCO f 09 24, RU/-
Pillowtalk's Panatchu, MCO n 03 22, 2012-08-19, DE/RU Ultimo v. Marquis'Zaro, MCO n 09 22 CH Zeus of Beyrouth, MCO d 09 22, CZ/-
Big Giants Amber-Lee, MCO n 22
Pillowtalk's Pascavella, MCO a 22, 2011-06-04 CoolMotion's Blue Moon, MCO a, 2010-02-11, DE/DE
Pillowtalk's United Colour, MCO f 22, 2005-11-24, DE/DE



Date of birth: 09.01.2016

EMS: d 0323

We call him Gallis and he was not planned at all but I felt in love from the first moment I saw him. For me he is Mr. Perfect with great pedigree, just my highwhite dream. Thank you Radka Vacikova for entrusting him to me - really grateful. We are looking forward to the future with this treasure.

He loves: Mr Prstik :-)

He hates: Vaccuum cleaner


HCM, SMA, PK def N/N

Screening 25.04.2017


PKD free


Benedict by Imagine Glamour Kiyaras U R 2 good 2 B 4got 10, MCO n 03 22, -/NL

Juniatas Up The Irons of Somersisle, MCO n 09 22, 2012-02-08 Sarajen Jaggermoo of Juniatas, MCO n 09 22, 2011-10-01, US/DE
Kiyaras Love's Divine, MCO n 22, 2011-08-11, DE/DE
Kiyaras Pizzicato 5, MCO n 09 22, 2012-06-07, DE/DE Bombay Silvi-Cola of Coon Casa, MCO n  22, 2009-11-25, PL/NL
CH Tropikoons Ophelia of Kiyaras, MCO n 09 22, 2008-07-25, DE/DE
Isis by Imagine Glamour, MCO a 03 23

JW SC Orion Sun Maine Treasures, MCO ns 09 22 EC-JW Chamberlain Zillion Sunrays, MCO ds 09 22, 2004-03-16, FI/CZ
EC Moulin'Crecy Urania, MCO n 22, 2003-07-14, FR/CZ
IC Dita von Tesse Olimpian, MCO a 09, RU/CZ Supernova Maximus x Meridius, MCO n 09 23, 2007-10-05, IT/-
Pillowtalk's Grey, MCO a 22, DE/-
Vanessa Olimpian, MCO d 03 23

Tropikoons Big Moose, MCO d 03 22 GC NW Tropikoons Hang Ten of Mainesuspect, MCO n 09 22, 2009-03-11, US/US GC Angtini Joe Fish of Tropikoons, MCO n 09 22, 2007-10-11, US/US
CH Tropikoons Waikiki, MCO n 09 22, 2007-10-30
Tropikoons Buried Treasure, MCO f 09 22, 2008-04-09, US/US GC Velvet Jewels Gold Mine of Tropikoons, MCO n 09 22, 2007-03-28, US/US
GC Tropikoons Hidden Treasure, MCO f 09 22, 2003-04-28, US/US
Supernova Roxanne, MCO d 09 23 Justcoons Cross Fire, MCO d 09 23, 2006-04-30, DE/IT Langstteich's C.C. Juma, MCO a 09 22, 2004-09-06, DE/DE
Langstteich's DD'Elaine of Justcoons, MCO f 22, 2005-04-15, DE/DE
Supernova Miss Costa Rica, MCO f 09 23, 2006-08-31 Olmocabe Selius, MCO n 03 22, DK/IT
Sebasco Nova Scotia, MCO f 23, DK/IT



 Titinek - velky

Date of birth: 18.01.2017
EMS: d 25

Our beloved Titin. He took the best from his parents. His temper is really unbelievable - he is everywhere with us, he is talking to us all the time, he loves our dog totally. And yes - we love him, he is really unique boy and we couldnt let him go



As per parents




PKdef N/N


Screening - TBA


Mainelynx Dario, MCO n 25, 10.7.15, RU/CZ

Mainelyclassic Billy Mitchel, MCO d 25, 26.8.13, US/RU RW, SGC Mainelyclassic Night Owl, MCO n, 2.8.10, US/US RW SGC, IW, LA Mainelyclassic Night Stalker, MCO n, 18.10.05, US/US
Sarajen Victoria of Mainelyclassic, MCO fs 21, 26.7.09, US/US
CH Mainelyclassic Ciao Ciao, MCO d 25, 4.10.11, US/US IW-SGC, LA Williamina Cougar, MCO es 25, 5.12.09, JP/-
Williamina Shady of Mainelyclassic, MCO f 22, 10.10.10, JP/US
Gangstercat U'Navarra, MCO n 22, 22.7.13, RU/RU GIC Homelynx Clutching Luck, MCO n 22 Alwaro Maverick of Homelynx, MCO n 09 22
Langstteich's No Angel of Homelynx, MCO f
CH Mainelynx Sandra of Gangstercat, MCO n 23 CH Hawkwind's Dreamer, MCO ns 22 09
Catsvill County's Fiesta, MCO n 23
Leaena Whole Lotta Love, MCO f 22, 6.7.14, IT/CZ

Leaena U've Got the look, MCO ns 23, IT/- Leaena Ti Amo, MCO e 22, IT/- Leaena Qupido Lilli Love, MCO d 23, IT/-
Pillowtalk's Miss Caracas, MCO g 22, DE/-
Leaena Tutto E Subito, MCO fs 22, IT/- Leaena Papoose, MCO ns 09, IT/-
Amaya Silvi-Cola, MCO d 22, PL/IT
Winerau's Primo Amore, MCO f 22 CH Winerau's Enzo, MCO n 22, 6.7.10, AT/AT IC Quiggley of Magic Lake, MCO d 22, 18.2.03, -/AT
CH Mydele's Edda, MCO n 22, 9.6.07, NO/AT
Winerau's Hope, MCO f, 9.6.11, AT/AT Winerau's Yankee, MCO n 22, 15.3.09, AT/AT
IC Winerau's Tracy, MCO fs, 29.1.08, AT/AT

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