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Born: 06.07.2014
Weight in age of 1 year: 4,80 kgs
EMS: f22
Tests: Felv, FIV - negative 

HCM, PKD, SMA - negative

Screening - august 2015


PKD free

Vivi came to us from our good friend, breeder Elena Vignato, together with Prada. Vivi is our big love since she arrived, she has a special meaning to us. She loves my husband the most, she is like his shadow, sleeping with him, sitting in his arms, head...I can´t even describe it...she is unique.



14.03.2015 (7-10 months) - EX1, BIV, NOM BIS

18.04.2015 (7-10 months)- EX1

18.04.2015 (7-10 months) - EX1

17.05.2015 (open class) - CAC

25.07.2015 (open class)- CAC, NOM BIS

26.07.2015 (open class) - CAC

Vivi became champion

30.08.2015 (IC class) - EX2

Leaena U've Got the look, MCO ns 23, IT/-
Leaena Ti Amo, MCO e 22, IT/- Leaena Qupido Lilli Love, MCO d 23, IT/- Langstteich's Nu'Tella, MCO n 22
Lilvanis Tiili, MCO d 23, 2008-01-03
Pillowtalk's Miss Caracas, MCO g 22, DE/- Pillowtalk's El Corazon, MCO ns 09, 2009-11-22, DE/-
Pillowtalk's Calimba de Luna, MCO fs 22, 2009-10-21, DE/DE
Leaena Tutto E Subito, MCO fs 22, IT/- Leaena Papoose, MCO ns 09, IT/- Big-Hannibal Red McCloud, MCO e 22
Multicoon Ruppia, MCO n 09, SI/-
Amaya Silvi-Cola, MCO d 22, PL/IT IC Escape's Never Ending, MCO d 22, FI/PL
Dreamola Amunda, MCO d 22, PL/PL
Winerau's Primo Amore, MCO f 22
CH Winerau's Enzo, MCO n 22, 2010-07-06, AT/AT IC Quiggley of Magic Lake, MCO d 22, 2003-02-18, -/AT GIC St.John Avalon, MCO ns 09 22, 2000-11-27, DE/DE
CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa, MCO fs 22, 2001-08-21, DE/DE
CH Mydele's Edda, MCO n 22, 2007-06-09, NO/AT IP& CH Summerfield Valentino, MCO n 22, 2005-06-16, NO/NO
WW-JW-SW-DSM-EC My Maine av Persicum, MCO f 22, 2003-03-31, NO/NO
Winerau's Hope, MCO f, 2011-06-09, AT/AT Winerau's Yankee, MCO n 22, 2009-03-15, AT/AT IC Quiggley of Magic Lake, MCO d 22, 2003-02-18, -/AT
CH Mydele's Edda, MCO n 22, 2007-06-09, NO/AT
IC Winerau's Tracy, MCO fs, 2008-01-29, AT/AT Yankee Cats Only Smokie, MCO ns, 2004-07-06, DE/AT
Winerau's Naomi, MCO f 22, 2006-12-03, AT/AT


sissy1 sissy2

Date of birth:2.7.2013
Current weight ( in age of 2 years ) - 5,5 kg

This beauty came to us as a second adn the reason I bought her was that I didnt want to leave Milu alone.
Sissy is fantastic cat, big and very strong girl. Her lovely character is judt a plus. She is very talkative-she could talk all the time. And of course she needs to feel the company-she doesnt like to be alone. Every day I have her on my knees. She loves our dog-they are funny  group. She is our queen with her own and stubborn mind. Sissy was neutered in age of nearly 1 year. After her arrival I decided to start with a breeding.

She loves: talking and cuddling
She hates: meat:-( and cat "manicure"



 DSC 0124


 Sisin žije v adoptivní rodině jako spokojený kastrát a jedináček :-)


Datum narození: 01.12.2014
Váha (age of 6 months - 5 kgs)
EMS: e0922


Felv, FIV - negative

Herpes Virus, Calicivirus - negative

HCM, PKD, PKdef, SMA - N/N

Cece je náš první chovný kocourek. Velmi dlouho jsem na něj čekala a vybírala toho správného k našim holkám :-). Cece je krásný kocour a již teď je velmi mohutný. Má velmi silnou kostru a krásnou barvu. Jeho povaha je prostě jedinečná - neustále se mazlí, je upovídaný a má rád společnost lidí. Také rád jí. Je to náš miláček a velmi se těšíme na jeho vývoj :-).

Miluje: Drbání a jídlo

Nemá rád: Koupání :-)


Elphinstone Coca Bana, MCO d 09, 2012-10-08, DE/DE

Belacoon A'Sambo Dancing, MCO e 09, 2010-01-03 Langstteich N'Santa Cruz, MCO a 09 Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra, MCO as, 2005-05-15, DE/DE
Pillowtalk Showgirl of Langstteich, MCO f 09 22, 2002-04-18, DE/DE
Belacoon B'Eugenia, MCO e 22 Langstteich Simply The Best, MCO e, DE/-
Cameron of Beyrouth, MCO n 09 22
Elphinstone Cocain, MCO fs 09, 2011-05-02, DE/- CH Justcoons Peak Asso, MCO n 22, 2008-10-14, DE/- Vens Passion Kaiser Barbarossa, MCO d 22, 2007-06-15
Justcoons Ode To Elize, MCO n 09, 2007-11-13
Pillowtalk La Luna, MCO fs 09, 2008-11-03 CoolMotion Angel-Sky, MCO n, 2007-07-31, DE/-
CoolMotion USA, MCO fs 09, 2007-03-18, DE/DE
Yamjra Von Ukana

Justcoons Don Giovanni, MCO d 09 22, 2011-07-03, CH/CH

Justcoons Don Corleone, MCO n 22, 2008-05-28, DE/- Borneo des Shags of Saskatoon, MCO n 22, 2006-09-12, FR/DE
Langstteich Devil-May-Care of Justcoons, MCO ns 09, 2007-01-08, DE/DE
Shaycoon Tanita Tikaram, MCO f 09, 2009-02-25, IL/- Justcoons I came for you, MCO d 22, 2007-01-30, DE/-
Shaycoon Qui est Belle, MCO f 09 22, IL/-
Udaja of Jamaerah

Arctic Coon Quantas, MCO a 22, 2008-12-05, NO/-

Arctic Coon Junior, MCO n 22, 2007-10-15, NO/-
Arctic Coon Fiesta, MCO a, NO/-
Justcoons Strawberryfields, MCO f 22, 2009-10-12

Vens Passion Kaiser Barbarossa, MCO d 22, 2007-06-15
Justcoons Blue Supreme, MCO a, 2007-02-20, DE/-

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