Viper Eye Frozen Beauty alias


milu1 milu2

Date of birth:15.06.2013
She left us: 30.06.2016

Unfortunately - we lost her too early. Millu suffered from HCM and even we were fighting till the last days, we couldnt help her anymore. She was the first one, she was unique and she left a big hole in our hearts. We miss you, Milu...

I got this cat as a birthday gift from my husband. She came to our house as a first cat. She means my fullfiled dream - I prayed for a cat for 7 years and finally my husband said yes. Milu means a lot for us. Very stubborn and she does whatever she wants to do. She tries to be a boss of a cat and human family;-),even if she is the smallest cat in our home. Well, but her character helps her to win most of the "issues". Milu wa bought as a pet therefore she was neutered in age of nearly 1 year. By that time I got Milu, I havent any idea I would like to become a breeder - I just wanted to have a cat.

She loves: food-all kind of food - she could eat anytime
She hates: touching of her belly and combing


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